Melanted Thoughts

I am good enough

One of my favourite affirmations is:

"I am good enough".

To some people this may seem too simplistic, but as a teacher this is one of the most powerful things a person can say and believe at the beginning of their self discovery journey.

The secret is what you add after the "I am good enough".

  • I am good enough to do that job;
  • I am good enough to try something new;
  • I am good enough to be just like you;
  • I am good enough to be better than you.

Being good enough also means that you don't need to be perfect and as you become more comfortable with being good enough, a funny things happens, you improve and become even better.

Here are some of my other favourites:

  • I am happy
  • I am using my gifts

So what is your "I AM" today?

Taking back control of your bills.

I had an interesting conversation with a friend who informed me how many of the black community having really difficultly managing their money on a day to day basis. I was really surprised, with so much help out there I couldn’t understand it.

However, if you’ve read Shaping Up Culture by Mark Maciver, one of the essential points he makes is that we need to work on “getting the approach to business correct” before we try to start our business and I think it’s the same when it comes to our money and financial affairs; we need to start with getting the approach right. So in order to build up our finances we need to dig a strong foundation.


The great thing is that much of the information is free, YouTube is a great starting place and Money Saving Expert and Money Advice are also good places to get free help and advice:



Top 3 Tips

Tip 1: Decide what works for you. 

Do you have more money when you pay for things by cash or card? Lean on your strengths; you know what works for you, so take full advantage of it. 

I prefer to pay my Gas and Electric bills via PP because that what works for me; I hate Direct Debit. So know yourself and decide what works for you. 

Tip 2: Self Insure

Use information to your advantage. This is an interesting one; look at your bills e.g. gas bill yearly statement; divide by 10. Dividing by 10 instead of 12 gives you some wiggle room in case something happens with your pay.

So £435.67 divided by 10 = £43.56

Tip 3: Give yourself some wiggle room.

Round up you monthly payment of £44.56 to £44 or even £45. Make it a habit and pay your £44 every 1st Friday of the month or whichever day works for you.

If you are self employed or you are worried about work security then take it a step further and instead divide by 8 to give you larger wiggle room. Rounded up it would work out to £55 per month, so if you are sick then at least you know your bills etc are covered. 

I am not a financial advisor; however, as a decision coach I can help you make budget choices to help you plan your day to day spending.

This is why I prefer face to face.

In December I visited a small Pop Up Christmas Market at St Hilda’s Community Centre in Shoreditch and bought some Moringa Tea. The guy was really pleasant, he answered my questions but the tea seemed expensive. He began to tell me about the benefits of drinking it in the morning compared to drinking it at night; he said that I could reuse the teabag 2 to 3 times and that finally clinched it. The tea is great and you can buy it from Life of a Tree.

Click Image to visit Life of a Tree.